Due to COVID-19, the process for awarding scholarships under the Pacific Secondary School Scholarships Program (PSSSP) has been temporarily paused.

This was a difficult but necessary decision, reflecting the COVID-19 health emergency. The safety, welfare and health of students is the Program’s highest priority.

Students who applied for a scholarship earlier this year will be contacted directly.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. Further information about the scholarships program will be posted on the PSSSP website as it becomes available.

Pacific Secondary School Scholarships

Scholarships for secondary schooling in Australia are available to students who are both a citizen of, and resident in, a participating Pacific island country.

The scholarships program is currently designed for a 2.5 year course of school study in Australia. Students will transition to Australia in July for 6 months of Year 10. This transition period will provide a strong foundation for the next two years of senior secondary schooling.

As a financial award, the scholarship will cover the costs of education and accredited accommodation in Australia and other necessary costs to support a young person living away from home for international education. This includes travel costs to and from Australia, health insurance and a living allowance.

Scholars will be able to choose from a wide range of subjects at school in Australia. The only subject that is compulsory in Australia is English, and students will need to consider whether there are any compulsory subjects at home that they should study in Australia – especially Maths. Students will have the opportunity to choose both tertiary and vocational courses of study, depending on what is available at the school they attend and their own preferences. The school will provide career counselling and help students consider post-school pathways.

Learn about all aspects of the scholarship in the Scholarships Handbook.

Due to COVID-19, the process for awarding scholarships has been temporarily paused. Applicants and parents should continue to check the PSSSP website for any future information as it becomes available.

Students facing internet connectivity issues have the option to download an application form and submit by mail or deliver in person to a relevant Program Country Manager. More details on this submission option are included via the application portal.

For parents

Parental support for students is crucial.  In order to apply, scholars must have the signed approval of their parents or legal guardian and a written statement of support by at least one parent or legal guardian explaining how they will support their child’s education and well being while they are on scholarship in Australia. If the student is shortlisted for interview based on their application, a parent or legal guardian will need to accompany the student to a face-to-face interview and explain how they will remain in contact with their child and engaged in their education during the period that the student is away on scholarship in Australia.

If a student is awarded a scholarship, the Australian Government will enter into a written agreement with their parents.