After being selected for a scholarship and completing mandatory school enrolment and immigration processes, you will undergo a number of key steps to prepare you for your time studying and living in Australia. You are about to embark on an exciting journey, but it is important that we prepare you first.

Each scholar and their family will work with the Program to develop an individualised support and communication plan. This outlines how students and parents will keep in contact with each other for the duration of the scholarship.

Students will also need to attend a pre-departure course with their families immediately before departing to Australia. This course will be held in a nearby city. When travelling to Australia, students will be given a Program uniform and luggage, and will be escorted by a Program representative to Australia where they will be met by their homestay family or a school representative.

While preparing for their departure to Australia, it is important that students continue their education in their home country and attend school on a full-time basis.

School enrolment

Before departing for Australia, students will know which New South Wales or Queensland high school they are enrolled in for the duration of their scholarship. Schools will be selected based on the identified educational needs of the student and the availability of homestay to meet any health or welfare requirements.

For parents

Your support is crucial during the pre-mobilisation phase, and in preparing scholars for their experience in Australia. Upon confirmation and acceptance of a scholarship, a Program representative will make contact with parents to begin the pre mobilisation and transition process for their child. The local Program team in each partner country will facilitate this process.