School and community life

Through their scholarship, students will have the opportunity to gain an international education experience, develop their leadership skills, and contribute to the Australian community.

Before starting their studies, students will be taken through key school policies and processes, including:

Living in a homestay

Students will live in a homestay arrangement for the duration of their scholarship with an Australian family. Host families will confirm household routines and rules, such as meal times, bed time, school schedule, and contribution to any household chores.

Homestay families are carefully selected and monitored by the school and screened via a police identity and criminal history check. They provide a safe and welcoming home environment for students, providing supervision and support in their daily life.

Partner schools are responsible for recruiting homestay families, managing the homestay program and the ongoing monitoring of homestay arrangements. Partner schools will take care to match students to a host family that is compatible with their needs, based on information supplied in the application.

Maintaining contact with home

Regular communication with parents and families back home is key to student health and wellbeing. Before leaving for Australia, parents or guardians will have developed a communication plan for their child. During the lifetime of the scholarship, the student’s host family will ensure the plan is closely followed.

Students are also permitted to have two returns trips home each year. This includes during the mid-year school holidays in July (two weeks) and the summer holidays in December and January (five to six weeks).

Any additional visits home are not covered by the scholarship, but may be granted under special circumstances.

Child protection

Living in another community, state and country brings new opportunities and challenges. The welfare, safety and protection of scholarship students is of the highest priority. All arrangements and activities during the scholarship duration will align with the Australian Government’s Child Safe Framework and prioritise the welfare interests of the student.

Australia has a rigorous legal framework for the quality assurance of education programs for overseas students, and this Program is no exception. The welfare of students will be the responsibility of all Program partners.