Orientation Camp

Once you have arrived in Australia, a new journey begins.

You will arrive in Australia a week before you begin school. In your first week, you will attend a one-week orientation camp in the state where you are attending school – either Queensland or New South Wales. You will meet other students from the Pacific who have received a scholarship and you will meet the homestay family you will live with.

Over the course of the week, students will learn more about things like:

The orientation camp is an important part of transitioning into life in Australia. It is also an opportunity to build enduring friendships with other scholars from across the Pacific.


After the orientation camp, students will settle into their new approved homestay accommodation. This involves living with an Australian family in their home.

Homestay accommodation offers many great advantages for international high school students. This includes:

  1. More time to settle into studies: a homestay arrangement offers the comforts of home, and helps if you’re feeling homesick.
  2. A richer cultural experience: by living with an Australian family, you’re guaranteed to learn much more about Australia and its culture, particularly through weekend family trips, attending sporting events, and by trying new foods. Your host family will be able to share a lot of local knowledge, including how to use public transport. In return, teach your host family more about your own culture!
  3. Improved English language skills: by living with an Australian family, you’ll be able to practice your English more regularly, becoming a more confident speaker. This will make it easier to communicate with teachers and classmates at school as well. You might even pick up some well known Australian phrases!
  4. A safe and welcoming home environment: families who provide homestay accommodation are carefully screened by Australian government authorities and education providers to ensure they can provide a safe and appropriate environment for visiting students.